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As a trusted house Construction Company in Chennai with ample construction experience and proficient team we help you to get the best. We understand the responsibility and closely work with our clients to ensure value for money is been delivered.
We approach each project with a holistic vision!
We always strive to be the best.

Why choose Agam

  • One stop solution for all construction needs

  • Innovative design and Planning

  • Best and Competitive Pricing

  • Professional team on execution

  • Quality service at competitive price

  • Timely completion

Our Services


We are a group of innovative minds eager to take creative challenges and providing wide range of design ideas to the taste of each customer.

Our designs are ever evolving and inspiring which transform houses into warm and inviting beautiful homes that would create long lasting memories with your loving family.

What We Do

  • Wardrobe Designs

  • Modular Kitchen Designs

  • Living Interiors

  • Bathroom Interiors

  • Room Interiors

  • Wooden Flooring & Carpets

  • False Ceiling Designs


We desire to create cost-effective designing wonders that are reflection of the people living in those spaces.

When it comes to commercial spaces, we make sure it is designed in a way that enables you to focus on your core business.

Every place holds significance along with purpose. Our experts carefully study the purpose of the space & create various options keeping in mind the ambiance of the place. We also study the natural light of your place & the right colors are been chosen so as to ensure a perfect blend combination is created on work completion.

Our Services


If you feel like your house is in need of home renovation services then AGAM is your answer. Give a new look your house with agam team of expert architects, engineers and designers who will craft your dream home for you.

Be it your choice of adding new space to your existing living rooms or you wants to better utilize the potential of previously designed floor plan or you just want to refurbish and revitalize your existing space, We here will help you to get expert guidance and plans.

Give a new look your house with agam renovations team.

What We Do:

  • Complete Home Makeover.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

  • Floor & Room Extension

  • Waterproofing

  • Painting


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5. Get Your “SCOPE OF WORK"

6. Construction and site work

7. Move into dream home